Formulation and optimization of nimesulide fast dissolving tablet by using mucilage

Author : Sharma Kumar Satish and Tanwar Y.S

The aim of these research to develop the fast dissolving tablet using natural superdisintegrant Plantago ovate (Psyllium husk) commonly known as isapghula husk because of its biodegradable and non toxic effects. The isapghula husk is widely available in local market at very low cost in the comparision with other synthetic superdisintegrants. The various optimization process is carried out like find out the optimum concentration of mannitol as a solubilizing agent, check out the activity of mucilage as disintegrating agent and Optimum concentration of mucilage as a super disintegrating agent and it was concluded that higher dissolution of tablet could be obtained when mucilage concentration is 10% and also the mannitol concentration was 10%. To study the effect of process parameters on release behavior of Nimesulide fast dissolving tablets the various parameters were selected for study like Effect of mixing time, Effect of tablet thickness, Effect of solvent for the precipitation of mucilage, Effect of boiling time and the results showed that all optimized parameters were precise and they showed good results cumulatively. On comparing the results with selected batch M5, the physical parameters, micromeritic properties and in-vitro drug release study was done.

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