Formulation and in-vitro characterization of lamivudine controlled release tablet

Author : K. Tirumala Devi, M. Prasadarao, J. Nagaraja

The goal of any drug delivery system should deliver drug at a rate dictated by the needs of the body over a specified period of treatment. In the present work, an attempt has been made to develop controlled release tablets of Lamivudine to improve its oral bioavailability, to reduce its dosing frequency and to optimize by taking of optimum concentration of various Controlled release polymers of HPMC with different grades and Guar gum. All the formulations were prepared by direct compression method using 12mm punch on 8 station rotary tablet punching machine. The blend of all the formulations showed good flow properties such as angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density. The prepared tablets were shown good post compression parameters and they passed all the quality control evaluation parameters as per I.P limits. Among all the formulations F3 formulation showed maximum % drug release i.e., 97.3 % in 8 hours hence it is considered as optimized formulation. Whereas the formulations containing HPMCK 100 M showed more retarding with increasing concentration of polymer.

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