Formulation and evaluation of rosuvastatin solid dispersions

Author : V. Mounica, S. Raja Shekhar, P. Vijayalakshmi

The present study was to investigate the technique in enhancement of dissolution rate of Rosuvastatin using solid dispersion method. Development of solid dispersion compacts is one such technology to enhance dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs, thereby improving efficacy of drug molecules. For this study PEG 4000 and Polaxomer were used as carriers in different rations and solid dispersions were prepared. Tablets of solid dispersions were prepared using Polyplasdone XL as super disintegrate. All formulations were evaluated for pre and post compression studies and those results were found to be within limits. Dissolution studies revealed that F2 formulation which had Drug and PEG4000 in the ratio of 1:2 along with a super disintegrate was an optimised formulation based on its fastest drug release. The optimised formulation was compared with F9 formulation which does not contain super disintegrate. That comparison data revealed that drug release was high when it contains super disintegrate.

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