Formulation and Evaluation of Taste Masked Captopril Tablet By using ion Exchange Resin

Author : Vinayak Baban Wani, Akshay Bhanudas Lingayat, Dr. Shubhangi Daswadkar and Dr. Shilpa P Chaudhari

The present work captopril fast dissolving tablets were formulated for masking of bitter taste of captopril. Captopril had bitter taste so for masking of bitter taste of captopril this ion exchange technique was used. The tablets were prepared by direct compression method usually by varying the individual concentration and combination of different concentrations of drug resin complex. The powder blend was evaluated for precompression parameters in order to assess the flow properties of powder like bulk density, tapped density, compressibility index, hausner’s ratio, angle of reposes. The powder blend showed excellent flow properties. The prepared tablets were evaluated for thickness, hardness, weight variation, friability, drug content, disintegration time and in-vitro drug release and determination of masking of taste of captopril was determined. Therefore it can be concluded from this study of captopril containing combination of drug resin complex was showed masking action compared to individual concentration of drug resin complex.

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