Extraction and Characterization of the Starch from the Shoot of Borassus aethiopum as a Prospective Pharmaceutical Raw Material

Author : J. Muazu, S. G. Zakama and U. J. Dzarmah

The present study is aimed at extraction and characterization of the shoot of Borassus aethiopum starch as a prospective pharmaceutical raw material. Borassus aethiopum is used locally as a source of food due to its high carbohydrate content and claimed to have aphrodisiac properties. Maize starch BP was use as the reference standard. Starch was extracted using wet extraction method; physicochemical, phytochemical, proximate analyses and scanning electron microscopy were conducted on the starch as well as the reference standard. The results showed that Borassus aethiopum starch has a good yield and similar characteristics with maize starch BP. Therefore, Borassus aethiopum starch can be used as an alternative to maize starch BP in pharmaceutical industries as excipient.

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