Evaluation of wound healing potential of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Rhyncosia Beddomei Baker leaves in Wistar rats

Author : Ashoka Babu Vechham Laksminarayana setty, Priyanka Agrahari, Ganesan Rajalekshmi Saraswathy, Varadarajan Madhavan

The standardized aqueous and ethanol extracts of the dried leaves of Rhynchosia beddomei Baker were investigated for their wound healing potential in albino Wistar rats. Incision, excision and dead space wound models were used to evaluate the wound healing property. The leaf extracts were found to possess significant wound healing activity which was evidenced by decrease in the period of epithelization; increase in the rate of wound contraction, skin breaking strength of healed wound, dry weight and tensile strength of granulation tissue. Histopathological study of the granulation tissue confirmed increased collagenation signifying the progress in wound healing. The present study substantiating wound healing effect of the leaf extracts of Rhynchosia beddomei.

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