Evaluation of throat infection causing pathogens isolated from intensive care unit

Author : Maria Ayub, Uroosa Ajaz, Dr. Munawerah Fahad and Dr. Amna moiz

Throat infections are very common and it is considered that streptococcus are common reason of throat infections but incidence of viral infection are more commonly observed. Confusion between viral and streptococcus infections leads to improper use antibiotics. The main objective of study is to evaluate the most common pathogen found in sputum and throat sample which causes throat infections. Observation shows that sputum contain different type of component like W.B.Cs, epithelial cell, pus cell, yeast cell, normal flora and pathogen. W.B.Cs and epithelial cell found most commonly. Different type of pathogen found in sputum and throat samples, in which streptococcus were found most commonly. 11.11% streptococcus viridans, 7.4% S. pneumonae, 7.4% pseudomonas aeruginosa, 1.85% candida species, 1.85% coagulase negative staph, 1.85% aspergillus species and 1.85% E.coli are found. Streptococcus viridans are most common pathogen found in sputum and throat sample, but it is not found alone. Most commonly S.pnuemonia and other streptococcus species are found with S.viridans, so it is not confirmed which pathogen is responsible for throat infection.

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