Evaluation of nephrotoxic potential of iyengaria stellata

Author : Bushra Riaz, Rahila Najam, Sana Sarfaraz, Humera Anser, Saira Saeed Khan

The development of renal injury by use of xenobiotics is very prevalent. Iyengaria stellata (BÝrgesen) is a brown sea weed belongs to the class Phaeophyceae and family Scytosiphonaceae and its effects on renal function has been determined after 30 days once daily dosing to rabbits and the level of urea and creatinine was measured which showed increased level of urea after prolonged administration of Iyengaria stellata however this increase is insignificant and decrease in creatinine level after 30day ingestion of Iyengaria stellata, lead to the conclusion that Iyengaria stellata has nephroprotective effect.

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