Evaluation of in-vitro Antioxidant and Anti-diabetic activities of leave aqueous extracts of Oudneya Africana

Author : Zebidi Maroua, Seghiri Iman, Mehellou Zineb and Derouiche Samir

The aim of this study was to investigate the biological properties, including antioxidant, anti-diabetic activity and phytochemical analysis of Oudneya Africana R. Br.. Qualitative analysis of phytochemicals (flavonoid, alkaloid, saponins, steroids, phenol and carbohydrate) and quantitative analysis of total phenolics and flavonoids were prepared by using standard protocols. Anti-diabetic activity was estimated with Glucose uptake in yeast cells assay and Antioxidant activity was studied done DPPH assay. Results of Qualitative phytochemical analysis revealed that the aqueous extract show richness in flavonoids, saponins, phenols, steroids and carbohydrates and poor in alkaloids. Total phenol and flavonoid content shows highest concentration in aqueous extract of O. Africana (19.35 mg GA EQ/gm, 6.43mg QEQ/gm). In vitro anti-diabetic and antioxidant studies show that aqueous extract of Oudneya Africana showed higher anti-diabetic property And important antioxidant activity with IC50 values was 45.41μg/ml in O. Africana. The results conclude that Oudneya Africana contains secondary metabolites compounds which have remarkable anti-diabetic and antioxidant activities. However additional comprehensive biological and pharmacological examination should be approved to isolate the active compounds to explain its mechanism of action to protect again antioxidant and diabetes mellitus.

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