Evaluation of drug use in the Urban Health Centre of tertiary health care using drug use indicators developed by WHO

Author : P. Durai Rajan, A.K. Rajendran and A. Kasthuri

The aim of the present study is to tackle ever increasing out of pocket health expenditure by the poor people, the Government of India has brought in National Health Mission with many strategies .One of the essential strategies is rational usage of drugs. To assess the status of drug used at the field level, a cross sectional observational study was conducted with the help of the a questionnaire developed based on WHO indicators for rational drug use at Urban Health Center at Nandambakkam attached to Sri Muthukumaran Medical College & Research Institute involving 200 out patients in a period of ten weeks. The center do not have Essential Drug List (EDL) and Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG). Under the prescribing indicators, 80 %( 79%+2.35) of drugs prescribed were by Generic names. Percentage of Drugs prescribed from the EDL was 100%.Under the patient care indicator average consultation time was 2.38minutes (2.30+18 secs), which is very very less indicating less attention received by the patients. Patientsí knowledge of correct dosage is also inadequate. Under the faculty Indicators regarding availability, almost all the drugs were available except a few, that too for a short period. The outcome of study indicate that the EDL and STG should be made available at the center moreover the medical officers as well as pharmacist, should be trained in handling of the drugs appropriately to improve at the centers rational drug usage.

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