Evaluation of antioxidant potential and phenol and flavonoid content of some flower extracts of Saurashtra region

Author : Moteriya Pooja, Satasiya Rinkal and Chanda Sumitra

To investigate antioxidant efficacy of ethyl acetate and acetone fractions of four flowers viz. Alstonia scholaris, Calotropis procera, Cassia auriculata and Catharanthus roseas and estimation of total phenol and flavonoid content. Extraction was done by cold percolation method using hexane, ethyl acetate and acetone solvents. Different fractions of four flowers were tested for total phenol and flavonoid content. In vitro antioxidant activity was measured by two antioxidant assays viz. ABTS assay and FRAP activity. C. auriculata had maximum phenol content and showed maximum FRAP and ABTS activity while C. procera had lower phenol content and lower FRAP and ABTS activity indicating a positive correlation between phenolic content and antioxidant activity. C. auriculata was best among the four flowers screened and can be considered as a promising source for the treatment of many free radical related diseases.

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