Evaluation of antiarthritic activity of pergularia daemia in freund's adjuvant induced arthritic rat model

Author : Vikas P. Patil, Pankaj S. Patil, Kalpesh S. Wagh and Prakash H. Patil

Pergularia daemia (P. daemia) is commonly known as Utaranavel, Uttaravarun, Dudhibel. Pergularia daemia plant has been documented for presence of presence of triterpenes, saponins cardenolides and alkaloids. Considering these biological potentials of P. daemia we further investigated the plant for their anti-arthritic activities. Extraction of P. daemia was carried out by continuous hot percolation, using soxhlet apparatus. The observation made on different days of treatment period in freundís complete adjuvant induced arthritis showed that there was a less increased paw swelling and ankle diameters in Diclofenac sodium (DCS) and P. daemia treated animals as compared to control group. The P. daemia was found to be effective in controlling secondary lesions. P. daemia also inhibited the radiological changes that occurred in CFA induced arthritis. Body weight gain in groups receiving P. daemia and DCS was more than control animals. P. daemia was found to be effective in reducing arthritis score, flexion pain test score and mobility test score. Stance score in P. daemia and DCS group was more than control group which indicates that the P. daemia normalized the condition of arthritic rats. P. daemia treated groups showed decrease in WBC count and ESR while increases haemoglobin content and RBC count. The concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) and Rheumatoid factor (RF) was decreased in groups which received P. daemia at different doses. Thymus weight was decreased while spleen weight was increased on treatment with P. daemia in CFA induced arthritis. Significant activity of P. daemia in CFA induced arthritis suggests its usefulness in control of various chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

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