Evaluation of analgesic activity of methanol extract from the Spondias pinnata

Author : Jannatun Noor, Jasmin Ara Nipa, Irin Binte Altaf, Md. Saddam Hussain, Latifa Bulbul

This Present study was surpassed to investigate the methanolic fruit extracts of Spondias pinnata for analgesic activities in rats using Acetic acid induced writhing test & Formalin induced licking test. S. pinnata is a plant of Anacardiacea family, a species growing in Bangladesh. The crude methanolic fruit extract of Spondias pinnata were screened for Analgesic activities using Acetic acid induced writhing reflex method (*P<0.05, significant) and formalin induced licking method (*P<0.05, significant). A reputed acidic agent acetic acid used as standard. In conclusion, the methanol extract of the fruits of Spondias pinnata displayed analgesic activity.

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