Evaluation of Compressional and Mechanical properties of Cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta) starch flour and its Tablets

Author : Oluwagbenle Henry Niyi, Akinwumi Olubunmi Adenike, Ayodele Olajide and Kolade KJ

The compressional and physicochemical parameters of cocoyam starch and the mechanical properties of its tablets were evaluated. The compressional characteristics were analyzed using density measurement, Heckel and Kawakita plots. The cocoyam starch had a high value of Hausner’s ratio, indicated high densification and poor flowability. The viscosity profile of the cocoyam starch showed that the viscosity increased as the temperature was increased. The tablets without holes at the centre had higher tensile strengths (T) than those tablets with holes at the centre. The brittle fracture index (BFI) of the tablets at various applied pressures had values very close to unity, especially tablets with holes at 0.25Nm-2 applied pressure. The friability tests indicated that tablets without holes had better resistance to stress, friction and abrasion than tablets with holes at the centre. The results suggested that cocoyam starch could be useful as a binder or disintegrant in tablets formulation due to good compressional and mechanical properties of its tablets.

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