Ethnobotanical evaluation of plants used in the traditional treatment of gastrointestinal disease in Erbil-Kurdistan region/Iraq

Author : Aveen Nozad Adham

Present study was aimed to record the traditionally used medicinal plants, part that are used and frequency of their use by people to treat gastrointestinal diseases in Erbil - Kurdistan region/Iraq. The data on medicinal plants was documented using structured questionnaires and personal interviews. The present study revealed utilization of 39 plants belonging to 24 plant families were determined to be used traditionally in Erbil city for treating gastrointestinal disease. Among all the plant parts fruit and leaves were the most preferred plant parts used by the people. Umbellliferae and Labiatae were the most dominant family reported to be used represented by 4 plant species. Also the gastrointestinal disease for which the traditional plants are mostly used are flatulence, constipation, indigestion while only one plant used to reduce gastric acidity.

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