Ethno-medicinally used Anti-inflammatory and Pain relieving Plants in the Kaski District, Western Nepal

Author : Devkota SR

Modern medicine is based on indigenous knowledge and ethno-pharmacological practices, which have become back bone for noble drug discovery. Inflammatory diseases are the most common problem encountered by people since centuries. This study is focused to find out the plants that are being used traditionally to treat the inflammatory diseases in Kaski district. The field survey of three weeks was done in different areas of Kaski district. Informal discussions and meetings were done with the traditional healers, local herbal traders and general villagers. All together of 93 villagers were interviewed for the information about the local used anti inflammatory herbs and plants. Possible samples of the plants and plant products were framed in camera. This study showed that many people in the studied parts of Kaski district still continue to depend on the medicinal plants at least for the treatment of primary healthcare. We documented 102 plants in our study belonging to 63 families of which major families were Leguminosae, Labiateae, Malvaceae and Compositae. There were altogether 36 herbs, 29 shrubs, 29 trees, 2 ferns and 6 climbers were used etnnomedicinally to treat inflammation and pain. Major parts used were leaves (18.5%), roots (18.5%), barks (14.5%), seeds (15.3%), whole plants (11.5%), rhizomes (10.22%) and others (11.48%). Plants were applied topically (58.6%), orally (27.88%) or both (13.52%) in the form of paste, decoction, juice, infusion and with some solvents such as water, honey, milk, etc. Kaski district has plenty of floras that have been used ethnomedicinally as a treatment of inflammatory conditions. It is of utmost importance to conserve the ethno medicinal knowledge and medicinal plants found in Kaski district. The scientific studies and biological importance of these plants should be established which will aid in commercialization of these plants. A new, potent, safe and economic medicine can be developed through fourther researches.

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