Estimation of reducing sugar by acid hydrolysis of Green Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamom) husk by standard methods

Author : S. Chandraju, R. Venkatesh and C. S. Chidan Kumar

India is the largest producer of Green Cardamom in the world with an annual production of 4000 tons, followed by Nepal (2500 tons/year) and Bhutan (1000 tons/year). More than 85% of the production within India is from Sikkim. Cardamom husk is a lignocelluloses source that can be converted to reducing sugar. Cardamom husk was hydrolyzed using sulphuric acid (0.2N) at a temperature of 70-75įC. It was observed that the degradation has significant effect with respect to amount of husk taken and in turn sugar yield is around 45-50%, each of which is estimated by Bertrandís, Benedictís and Lane-Eyon methods.

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