Enhanced antibacterial activity of medicated and non-medicated toothpaste using green tea extract and nanoformulations: An in vitro mapping of nanophasic area

Author : Ahmed Farag Ali El-Kerdasy

The objective of present investigation was to prepare green tea nanoformulation and evaluate its enhanced antimicrobial activity as well as hypocholesterolemic effect. Aqueous phase titration method was employed for constructing the phase diagram to localize nanophasic region in a pseudoternary phase diagram. Formulations were selected from optimized nanophasic regions followed by further screen using thermodyanamic and dispersion study. Optimized formulations were further characterized on drug release and percent transmittance studies. The constructed phase diagrams showed increase in nanophasic area upon increasing the surfactant contribution in comparison to co-surfactant concentrations and vice-versa. Thermodynamic study showed destabilization of the selected formulations leading to phase separation because of inappropriate emulsifier and formation of liquid crystalline regions. Formulation NEGreen Tea5 was optimized, containing Oil [10%, v/v; green tea (2.5%): capryol 90 (7.5%)], polysorbate 80 (24%, v/v), Sodium taurocholate (8%, v/v), and distilled water (58%, v/v), on the basis of better thermodynamic stability study, drug release and % transmittance. The optimized formulation NEGreen Tea5 was mixed with different medicated and non-medicated toothpaste to evaluate their comparative anti-microbial study. A significant enhanced zone of inhibition was observed in medicated (p<0.005) and non-medicated (p<0.01) toothpaste containing NEGreen Tea5. The increasing anti-bacterial activity observed was followed as non-medicated [NEGreen Tea5 (0%)] < medicated [NEGreen Tea5 (0%)] < Green tea extract
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