Effects of acrylamide and children snack food on sex hormones nucleic acid and chromosomes of mature male Wister rats

Author : Noorah Saleh Al-Sowayan

The most dangerous problem a rises from plastic manfacture and the consumption of some types of foods lead to formation of acrylamide (ACR) potato chips during cooking, roasting or frying. Forty mature male wister were divided into five equal groups, 1st group, control one, dosed orally dist. H2O by stomach gavage, 2nd, group, dosed orally 12 mg/kg b.wt. acrylamide (low dose), 3rd group, dosed orally 24 mg/kg b.wt. (medium dose), 4th group dosed orally 36 mg/kg b.wt. (high dose) and 5th group fed on low packets of potato chips (65 gm each). All animals groups dosed every other day for 65 days. The animals were used in chromosomal aberration were injected I/M colchicines, 90 minutes before sacrificed at the end of experiment each male rat epididymis was obtained and crushed for obtaining the seminal fluid for microscopic examination. Testes, seminal vesicle and prostate gland were weighted and fixed in neutral buffered formalin for histopathological examination ACR induced significant decrease in motility percentage sperm cell concentration. There was a significant increase in sperm abnormalities percentage. Moreover, the dosing ACR caused a significant decrease in the weight of testes, seminal vesicles and prostate gland of all treated groups in compared with control one. ACR administration causes a significant decrease in the levels of sera testosterone, FSH and cortisol while LH, estradiol and prolactin showed a significant increase in all treated groups. ACR effects revealed a clear cytotoxic activity where there were various chromosomal aberrations detected in bone marrow cells represented by centromeric attenuation, ring chromosome, end to end association and pulverized chromosomes. ACR caused a significant decrease in DNA & RNA content in testes in all treated groups. The histopathological changes of testes, showing atrophy in semine ferous tubules and diffuse testicular degeneration with single layer of vacuolated spermatocytes and congestion of the interstitial blood vessels edema, few spermatocytes were seen in the lumen.

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