Effect of physico-chemical parameters on ligninolytic enzyme production of an indigenous isolate of Neolentinus kauffmanii -under submerged culture condition

Author : Johnsy G and Kaviyarasan V

The production of ligninolytic enzymes by an indigenous strain of Neolentinus kauffmanii was studied on submerged fermentation. The physical parameters namely, pH, Temperature, the nutritional parameters like suitable carbon and nitrogen sources, metal ions and amino acids were studied for the higher ligninolytic enzyme production. The optimum pH for the both biomass and ligninolytic enzyme production was found to be pH 6.0 in laccase (56.34 U/mL) and 6.5 in peroxidase (47.77 U/mL. Of the different temperature analyzed for the optimal enzyme production in laccase was 25oC (57.8 U/mL) and peroxidase was 30oC showed the maximum activity (47.79 U/mL). Among the different carbon sources tested Xylan supported maximum (63.51 U/mL) Laccase activity, while Peptone supported the maximum activity (64.37 U/mL and 56.97 U/mL) among the different nitrogen sources tested. Among the different metal and amino acids analyzed for ligninolytic enzyme highest enzyme activity was obtained in copper (70.51 U/mL and 53.65 U/mL) and Alanine (57.25 U/mL and 54.98 U/mL). The above result indicates that the N. kauffmanii can be used as a biotechnological tool.

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