Effect of green tea supplementation on antioxidant enzymes in nephrotoxicity: study in rats

Author : Aaqela Azam and Syeda Nuzhat Fatimah Zaidi

Over last few decades Green tea has been subjected to many scientific and medical researchers to determine the extent of its long purported health benefits. This study was designed to investigate nephroprotective role of Green tea on thioacetamide treated rats. Green tea has ability to scavenge free radicals, which are generated by different metabolic pathways of certain medications and toxins, lead to oxidative damage of tissue. Thioacetamide is also a toxic agent, mainly renowned for its role in structural and functional change in liver. It also does alterations in kidney, spleen, thymus, small intestine and lungs. It induces centrilobular necrosis in hepatocytes, bile duct proliferation, and damages apical portion of proximal convoluted tubule of kidney. In current study, 24 male Sprague Dawley rats were divided into four groups (n=6). Group I was control (untreated healthy rats). Group II received TAA (at a dose of 200mg/kg b.w, i.p, twice a week, for 8 weeks). Group III received TAA (at a dose of 200mg/kg b.w, i.p, twice a week, for 8 weeks) and Green tea (500 mg/day, orally for 8 weeks). Group IV received only Green tea (500 mg/day, orally for 8 weeks). Biochemical analysis was evaluated by estimation of antioxidant enzymes SOD and Catalase and lipidperoxidation end product MDA. TAA-induced oxidative stress indicated by elevated levels of tissue MDA and reduced levels of SOD and Catalase. Marked increase in kidney weight was also observed in TAA-treated rats. Treatment with green tea efficiently reduced tissue MDA and restored SOD and Catalase concentration in TAA+Green tea treated rats.. The results indicate the protective effect of Green tea for TAA-induced nephrotoxicity.

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