Development of computerized physician order entry with decision support system and preconceived physician attitude towards CPOE by end user satisfaction

Author : Hareesh Babu Balina, Saravanan Sanniyasi, Davis George, Karra Nissi Jemimah, Gayathri Devi Ravichandran, Gopal Kannan

Computerized Prescribing System with embedded decision support can check doses during prescription order entry along with drug name, category, formulations available, doses, drug interactions, and special monitoring. It would also display alerts when prescribed doses are out of range. Electronic prescribing systems Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) with embedded Clinical Decision Support (CDS) can reduce Adverse Drug Event (ADE) and medication errors by ensuring that prescriptions are entered completely and unambiguously, and by flashing warnings about possible problems such as drug interactions and excessive doses. The database was developed hierarchically after which CPOE with Decision Support System (DSS) was evolved. End-user satisfaction questionnaire was developed, and 25 physicians from various departments participated in the study. The mean of the selected statements was found to be 4.108. The participants in our study positively rated the following characteristics: 1. achieving high level of patient safety, 2. saves time, 3. reduce the risk of medication error, and 4. ease to use. But the participantís expressed doubts about the reliability and completeness of data. The questionnaire was significant in measuring the ideal characteristics of CPOE with DSS. 88% of participants, agreed to the use of CPOE with DSS in our hospital setting.

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