Development and Application and Validation of Q – absorbance spectrophotmetric method for Paroxetine hydrochloride and Clonazepam in combined dosage form

Author : Sonali S. Gadge, Prof. Dr. Madhuri D. Game

A simple, sensitive, accurate and precise Q – Absorbance spectrophotometric method have been developed for simultaneous determination of Paroxetine hydrochloride and Clonazepam in bulk and tablet dosage form. Q – Absorbance ratio method involves Q – Absorbance at isobastic point (239.65 nm) and λmax (271.23 nm) in methanol. Both the drugs obeyed the Beer’s law in conc. range 5-30 μg/ml, coefficient correlation (r2<1). The method was validated statistically and recovery studies were carried out to confirm the accuracy. Commercially tablet formulation was successfully analysed using the developed methods.

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