Develop and evaluate herbal antidepressant formulation

Author : Kajal Patel and Prof. Dr. Sweety Lanjhiyana

Depression is a state of feeling sad it is also as a psychoneutric disorder characterized by mental and functional activity and generation of suicidal tendencies. This study to develop a herbal anti-depressant formulation with a less adverse effect and to relative the symptoms of depression. Study of crude drugs under pharmacognostical schemes involves its depression. Method: Herbal tablet will be made using direct compression method. The plant used in herbal formulation Brahmi, Ocimum sanctum, Ashwagandha, extract was mixed with the excipients and compression in to tablet. Result:- To formulate a tablet dosage form with the help of herbal extract with good efficacy. Conclusion:-Newer medication and better facilities, treating depression. Patients with major depression have symptoms that reflect changes in brain monoamine neurotransmitters, specifically norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. According to a world health report about 450 million people suffer from a mental or behavioral disorder, yet only a small proportion of them received even the basic treatment.

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