Design, development and evaluation of elixir of gymnema sylvestre by using leaf extract

Author : Nagoba Shivappa N, Khurde Sonali S, Vijayendra Swamy SM, Narhare Maruti T

The aim of this study is to prepare Gymnema sylvestre elixir by using leaf extract. In this study Sodium Saccharin, methyl paraben and propyl paraben was taken as polymer. There are many drugs available to control and treat diabetic patients, but total recovery from diabetes has not been reported and also have sever side effect. Alternative to these synthetic agents, many herbal plants with hypoglycemic properties are known from across the world. Gymnema sylvestre leaves are known for several medicinal uses such as antidiabetic, hypolipidemic, stomachic, diuretic, refrigerant, astringent and tonic, the major bioactive constituents of gymnema sylvestre are a group of triterpenoid glycosides known as gymnemic acids with gymnemagenin as common aglycone. Which is responsible for its tremendous activity specially its blood glucose lowering capacity. In this studies we have shown that the extract of gymnema sylvestre is useful in controlling blood sugar to treat type II diabetes (NIDDM) when gymnema leaf extract is administered to a diabetic patient it stimulate the pancreas to increase release of insulin. The Present study was conducted to Design, Development and Evaluation of Elixirs of Gymnema Sylvestre by using leaf extract is most of the effective and commonly studied Indian plants in relation to diabetes. The elixirs were prepared by using Sodium Saccharin, Glycerin and Alcohol etc. The elixirs were evaluated for FTIR, Viscosity, PH, Refractive Index, Alcohol Content, Assay and In-Vivo Study. In this preparation of the elixir is going to prepare by the simple solution method. It is a clear, sweetened, hydroalcoholic liquid intended for oral use.

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