Demography of Rabies in India

Author : Kirti Rani

Rabies is reported endemic worldwide. Approximately 30 000 deaths in India were reported due to rabies especially, 1 between 30% and 50% of these deaths occurred in children in 1998. Rabies has been a disease of antiquity that continues to be a major public health problem in India as per the available resources. The factors which are attributed to rabies for its reported high mortality and morbidity are only due to animal bites as well as including other factors such as lack of community educations about post-exposure rabies prophylaxis and adherence to traditional beliefs lead to likely increase the risk of rabies infection after exposure in patients or affected individuals. So, the timely immunization and clinical awareness of human population can be prevented rabies at expected extent along with the effective mass-immunization of stray dog or animals populations.

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