Cyclodextrins. new opportunities for their application in the production of medicines

Author : Ganieva H.G., A.N. Yunuskhodzhaev

Cyclodextrins(CDs) are naturally occurring cyclic oligosaccharides that have recently become available as pharmaceutical adjuvants. In the pharmaceutical industry, cyclodextrins are mainly used as complexing agents to increase water solubility of poorly soluble drugs and increase their bioavailability and stability [1]. Cyclodextrins are able to act as the host of a host-guest complex. Due to their structure, cyclodextrins possess this property: their molecules have a hydrophilic external surface and a through hydrophobic cavity, comparable in size to the size of many organic and inorganic compounds [2]. The cyclodextrin ring is hydrophilic on the outside and relatively stable on the inside. In a liquid or solid state, cyclodextrin molecules are capable of forming compounds with other molecules. These compounds exhibit new physicochemical properties that are not characteristic of the substance separately.

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