Confidence, ease of use, satisfaction and preference of spacers in patients with asthma and COPD: Results from three open-label, prospective studies

Author : Sujeet Rajan, Sundeep Salvi, Jaideep Gogtay

Errors with the use of pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs) reduces lung deposition and increases the local and systemic side effects. The use of a spacer reduces these errors. The studies aimed to assess the usability, confidence, preference and satisfaction with the use of three spacers (Zerostat, Zerostat V and Zerostat VT) in three different, identically designed studies. The three studies were open-labelled, prospective and multicentric in subjects with mild obstructive disease like asthma and COPD. In these two visit studies, the subjects were trained to use the device at visit 1 and again at visit 2, and the average time taken for three consecutive correct attempts was reported (primary endpoint). The secondary endpoints included number and type of errors (critical and non-critical), and scores on usability, confidence, preference, and satisfaction questionnaires. A total of 90 participants (30 participants per study, 1:1 healthy volunteers: subjects with asthma/COPD) completed these studies. The average time taken for three consecutive correct attempts in subjects with asthma/COPD in the three studies decreased at visit 2 (2.99, 4.65 and 1.91 minutes) from visit 1 (3.58, 4.99 and 2.23 minutes), respectively. The critical and non-critical errors also decreased at visit 2 from visit 1. Overall reduction in the scores at visit 2 was also observed on the usability, confidence, preference and satisfaction questionnaires. The results from the three studies demonstrated that Zerostat, Zerostat V and Zerostat VT spacers are easy to learn, understand and operate. This highlights the fact that the spacer devices can be recommended for all patients using a pMDI.

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