Comparative study of four different brands of acetaminophen available in Karachi

Author : Huma Dilshad, Safila Naveed and Asma Rafiq

Acetaminophen is used analgesic and available in several brands in the market which makes it difficult to select the safe and effective one. There for The aim of study to establish pharmaceutical equivalence of the different brands of acetaminophen tablets available in Karachi, Pakistan. Four different brands of acetaminophen tablets (500 mg) were included in study. The quality control parameters which are studied are weight variation test, hardness test, thickness, friability, disintegration and dissolution specified by BP/USP (British and United state Pharmacopoeia) .Weight variation and hardness value requirement was complied by all brands .Disintegration time for all brands was within 15 minutes also complying the BP/USP recommendation. All brands showed more than 80 % drug release within 45 minutes. The present findings suggest that almost all the brands of acetaminophen that are available in Karachi meet the BP/USP specification for quality control analysis.

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