Comparative study between silicone and fatty surfactant

Author : Minakshee Bhagwan Vaidya, Bharti Ganu, Deepak Wasule

The present study has been undertaken with the aim to formulate and evaluate shampoo with Silicone Surfactant and to do a comparative study with that of Fatty Surfactant. In general, various Fatty surfactants used in shampoos, face washes, shaving creams can cause severe skin and eye irritation as well as allergic reaction. They remove fat from the skin and make skin as well as hair surface dry. Therefore present study introduces the Silicone Surfactant, a new class of surfactant which are non irritant, non toxic yet eco-friendly as well they alters surface tension, spreadability, cushion and play time in formulation and give Silicone specific silk like feel on skin and hair. In present study by incorporating Silicone surfactant (Dimethicone copolyol) and Fatty surfactant (SLES) into shampoo, different parameters such as Surface tension, Foaming, Wetting, Cleansing and Conditioning effect were studied to carry out the comparative study between both the surfactants.

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