Comparative evaluation of locomotor activity of pregabalin and lamotrigine alone and in combination with sodium valproate in albino mice

Author : Rajesh M, Patric Joshua P

The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of Pregabalin and Lamotrigine alone and in combination with Sodium valproate on locomotor activity in Albino Mice by using actophotometer. Drugs which modulate neurotransmitters in the brain will affect Locomotor activity, which is the index of mental alertness. For this study 36 healthy albino mice were randomly selected and divided into 6 equal groups. Locomotor activity score by actophotometer was observed for 5mins before and after intragastric administration of distilled water 0.5ml, Sodium valproate 100mg/kg, Lamotrigine 10mg/kg, pregabalin 100mg/kg, combination of Pregabalin (100mg/kg) plus sodium Valproate (100mg/kg) and combination of Lamotrigine (10mg/kg) plus sodium Valproate (100mg/kg) to mice of group 1 to 6 respectively. The results were analyzed statistically. There was no significant difference in the basal locomotor activity score between the control, standard and test groups. Sodium Valproate alone treated animals, combination of Pregabalin plus Sodium Valproate and combination of Lamotrigine plus Sodium Valproate treated mice significantly affect mental alertness in comparison to placebo.

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