Comparative efficacy evaluation of polyherbal liver tonics as a co-therapy in clinical helminthiasis of Cattle

Author : C.S. Sharma, M.J Saxena, K. Ravikanth, Adarsh, Nitin Dhamu

40 cattle irrespective of sex, age and breed were screened coprologically and found moderately positive for naturally acquired helminthes (mean EPG = 1050 112.02 to 1225 165.78). Cattle were randomly assigned to 5 groups (n=8). Treatment Group T0 animals were treated with Albidol @7.5mg/Kg B.wt. Treatment Group T1, T2, T3, and T4, were treated with Albidol + AV/SYL/12@50 ml per day; Albidol + Yakrifit Liquid@50ml per day; Albidol + Liver tonic Brand A @50ml per day; and Albidol + Liver tonic Brand B @15ml per day, respectively, bid for 5 days in cattle. Blood samples were collected for haemato-biochemical study. A significant decrease (P<0.05) in mean EPG was observed in T4 (21 8.42), T2 (23 13.33), T3 (24 11.09), and T1 (25 11.09) in comparison to T0 (125 184.76) on 14th day. The hematological profile, serum total protein, and A:G ratio were significantly (P<0.05) improved in all liver tonic supplemented groups. While biochemical parameters in liver tonic supplemented groups decreased (P<0.05) after 5th and 14th day of treatment. In conclusion cattle treated with co-therapy of herbal liver tonic products along with anthelmintic drug recovered more rapidly as compared to T0 group.

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