Colchicine and Vitamin E in the management of paracetamol-induced liver damage

Author : Austine E Ighorodje, Emmanuel E Nweke and Comfort C Monago-Ighorodje

Colchicine has found its place in the management of liver damage with blood disease as side effects.This paper reports on the use of Colchicine and Vitamin E in the management of paracetamol-induced hepatoxicity. Seventy-two experimental male albino rats were divided into 6 groups, Group one served as Normal control and was not induced with paracetamol; the other group (2-6) was given intra peritoneal injection of 640 mg/kg body weight of paracetamol and was allowed to develop hepatotoxicity for 72 hours. After 72 hrs, Groups 2-6 were treated for four weeks with water, Colchicine only (0.03mg), Colchicine-Vitamin E (0.2ml/kg), Colchicine-Vitamin E (0.3ml) and Colchicine-Vitamin E (0.3ml/kg). Blood was collected at weekly intervals and liver markers were assayed using standard methods and reagent kits. The level of liver enzymes of 22.00 raised by the Paracetamol-inducton was reduced by administration of Colchicine alone to 15.46 and Colchicine-Vitamin E to 14.45 at fourth week. This work shows that Colchicine at low dose of 0. 03 mg/kg body weight or in combination with Vitamin E could be used to manage effectively liver damage, presume to be the action of removal of free radicals.

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