Clinical evaluation of Infrared coagulation in the management of Ardra Arsha w.s.r. to Internal Haemorrhoids A pilot study

Author : Dr. Vineet Kumar Jain, Dr. P. Hemantha Kumar and Dr. Bharat Kumar Suthar

Arsha (Haemorrhoids) is one of the commonest ailment occurring in Guda Pradesha (Ano-rectal region). Symptoms of Ardra Arsha closely resembles to the clinical features of Internal Haemorrhoids. In this bleeding per anum is the principal symptom to which patient shows his utmost concern and always worried if it continues. The prime cause of ano-rectal disorders is constipation. A constipated bowl is the devils workshop. Constipation increases the back pressure into the haemorrhoidal veins to produce Haemorrhoids. Various treatment modalities available for Haemorrhoids include operative as well as conservative method. A simple and safe para-surgical method I.R.C. (Infrared Coagulation) is selected for present trial. I.R.C. was performed through a special designed slit proctoscope. Patients excluded were with coagulopathy disorders, fissure in ano and anal ulcers. Total 10 patients with ages ranging from 20-65 yrs., irrespective of sex, religion, socio-economic status etc. were selected for the trial. At the end of study it was found that results were highly significant after I.R.C. Treatment. It is an outpatient Department (OPD), non-surgical, ambulatory, painless and bloodless procedure, without any hospital stay. Early recovery and minimal recurrence of haemorrhoids were noted without any morbidity or mortality.

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