Clinical Evaluation of potentiating effect of Honey with Mandur Bhasma (Herbo-mineral preparation) in anemic children

Author : Prashant Gupta, Brij mohan Singh, Trapti Agrawal, Arvind kumar

Honey is known as natural sweetener since ancient time with medicinal value .In Indian system of Medicine, honey’s well described propertie is Yogavahi (synergism/potentiating).We clinically evaluated the potentiating effect of honey with mandur bhasma on 30 patients both male and female upon oral delivery of medicine with honey. We observed better improvement in level of Hemoglobin /Serum Iron / TIBC in the patients given mandur bhasma with honey, in comparison to the mandur bhasma alone. Recovery of symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy and pallor have been noted in entire anemic patients attended in both groups i.e. honey+ mandur bhasma and mandur bhasma alone. However, significant increase in the Hb has been observed in 21.86% honey+ mandur bhasma in comparison to mandur bhasma alone which is only 9.77%, showing potentiating effects of honey.

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