Celecoxib Mucoadhisive In-Situ Gel for Transmucosal Drug Delivery System

Author : Dipayan Purakayastha, Anup pramanik, Tuman P.Rai, Madhvi Ghadge, Shiv Garg, Piush Sharma

Transmucosal routes are most efficient route to achieve the effective therapy. The anatomical structure and physioilogical structure of transmucosal route improve the bioavailibilty of formulation. In case of In-situ gel, formulations are solution in form but when in administrated into human body it converted into gel form which is directly reached to the systemic circulation without fast pass effect. In transmucosal routes(Vaginal, Rectal, buccal etc) stratum corneum epidermisis absent, which is considered to be a major barrier for drug absorption so it goes to systemic circulations directly and increase bioavailability of drug and improve the effectiveness of formulation .comparistion to other route transmucosal route has better bioavailibility and effectiveness.

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