Case report on bullous lichen planus

Author : Maneesha T, Gopika K S, Tonya Clara Thomas, Arathi T.V, Rebia V, Soniya TV

Bullous Lichen Planus (BLP) is a rare form of inflammatory and immune mediated muco-cutaneous lesion characterized by vesicles or bullae that occur in the sense of pre-existing lesions of Lichen Planus (LP). Biopsy is the essential diagnostic criteria to conclude the clinical features of BLP. The histologic features in conjunction with the negative immunofluoresence indicate that bullous lichen planus is a form of "hyper-reactive lichen planus". Here, we report a case of Bullous Lichen Planus presenting with multiple aggressive and hyper-pigmented raised lesion and blisters over both upper limbs and back for the last 3 months. There is no standard treatment for bullous lichen planus. Management aims to control symptoms and to decrease time from onset to resolution. It involves topical corticosteroids, but varies depending on the severity and location of the lesion. The symptoms resolved with the treatment of Tricyclic H1 antagonist (Desloratadine) and Corticosteroids (Clobetasol and Betamethasone).

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