Box-behnken study design for optimization of clotrimazole loaded nanostructured lipid carriers

Author : Vipul Sansare, Govind Pathak, Balisakina Zambharakar, Pradeep Gupta

Present study deals with development and optimization Clotrimazole loaded nanostructured lipid carriers. From solubility study of Clotrimazole in various lipids, stearic acid and oleic acid were selected as solid lipid and liquid lipid respectively. Nanostructured lipid carriers were formulated by solvent injection-ultrasonication technique. Box Behnken design was used to optimize formulation variables. Different batches were prepared as suggested by software and evaluated for responses, particle size and entrapment efficiency. Response surface plot and perturbation plot were constructed to study effect of independent variables on responses. The optimize formulation containing 5% w/v of total lipid, lipid: drug ratio 20 and 1.5% w/v of surfactant was prepared. The predicted values of responses were found to be close to observed values thus conformed validity of design. CLZ NLCs showed sustained release profile up to 96 hours. Efficacy of CLZ NLCs against Candida albicans was evaluated. The formulated NLCs were found to be more stable at room temperature (25°C ± 2°C/60% RH% ± 5% RH) and in accelerated storage conditions.

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