Biological activities of new salts of 2-carboxyphenyloxamoylamino acids

Author : Shada H Yassin, Khaldoon M. Alrahawi, Abdulmoneim A. Alhakami, Sameh EL-Nabtity, Kamaleldin B. Said

New sodium salts of 2-carboxyphenyloxamoylamino acids were evaluated for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and ulcerogenic effects. All of the sodium salts showed high to moderate anti-inflammatory activities when compared to celecoxib and possess low ulcer index compared to indomethacin. The most active compounds also showed considerable analgesic activities. In addition, the hepatoprotective effect of a previously synthesized D-glucosamine salts of the 2-carboxyphenyloxamoylamino acids was also evaluated. Two of these salts showed considerable hepatoprotective activities when compared to silymarin. Thus, these findings imply potential pharmacological activities.

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