Bioactive components of Cynodon Dactylon using ethanol extract

Author : Jebastella J and Reginald Appavoo M

The present investigation was carried out to determine the possible bioactive compounds from Cynodon dactylon by GC-MS Technique. This analysis revealed that C. dactylon contain fourteen bioactive compounds namely 3-Ethyl-6-Methoxy-2,4,7-Trioxa-3-Borabicyclo(3.3.1) nonan-9-ol, 2,3-Dihydro-Benzofuran, Erythritol, Xanthosine, 4-(1E)-3-Hydroxy-1-propenyl)-2-methoxyphenol, n-Hexadecanoic acid, Benzeneacetic acid, alpha,dihydroxy-3-methoxy-methyl ester, Benzenemethanol,2,5-dimethoxy acetate, Hexadecanoic acid, ethyl ester,Octadecanal, Stismasta-5,22-dien-3-ol, actetate, (3beta) Ergost-5-en-ol,(3beta), Stigmasterol, Gamma- sitosterol. Which were having activity towards antibacterial activity, antilipidemic proporties, antiasthma, diuretic, and hypolipidemic property.

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