Awareness, prevalence and medicated and non medicated treatment of stress in Karachi, Pakistan

Author : Amber Nawab, Najaf Farooq, Faryal Ali

The objective of the study is to analyze the treatment protocol of stress in Karachi, Pakistan. This is a survey based study of about 200 peoples of different age groups including both genders. This survey is conducted by asking different questions about awareness, prevalence, medicated and non-medicated treatment of stress. Statistical analysis shows the percentage of awareness, prevalence of stress in different age groups of both genders. It also shows the percentages of followers of medicated and non-medicated treatment. Result of this study revealed that the awareness of stress is well developed in Karachiís people and show the high rate of prevalence. The followers of non-medicated treatment (84%) are greater than followers of medicated treatment (16%). Stress is a fact of life. Every one suffered from it in daily routine. Mostly peoples did not take any medication for it only geriatric patients follow medicated treatment. Most of the peoples do not understand severity of stress, so if it persists, can lead to others pathological conditions.

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