Awareness, Complication and Risk Associated With cervical cancer in different age group females in Pakistan Society

Author : Maria Ayub, Shazmeen Nawaz, Syeda Tuba Tariq, Sameen Shakeel, Rabia Rasheed, Saira Amir

cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among adult is a major cause of death of women because it is not diagnosed at early stage due to lack of screening and awareness. The purpose of this survey is to study the awareness of cervical cancer & its knowledge in a community. This survey conducted by a written questionnaire in which there are questions about cervical cancer screening, causes, vaccination, and risk. result indicated that 30% of respondents knew cervical cancer is the most common type of gynecological cancer.6% have done screening,40% knew about its affects.20% knew about screening and 19% had knowledge about screening. Only 18% knew about Pap test. Only 19% knew about HPV test. Only 13% knew the HPV as cause of cervical cancer.28% knew about risk of cervical cancer. Only 18% knew birth of more children as cause of cervical cancer. Only 22% knew about HPV vaccination.28% women feel hesitation for cervical screening.83% respondents think that awareness programs about cervical cancer must be conducted. From the result it is concluded that the awareness programs for cervical cancer need to be conducted to make people to be aware of cervical cancer so treatment and prevention of cervical cancer will efficiently be done.

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