Attentiveness regarding injurious effects of excess intake of Fizzy drinks (Diet drinks can lead to Alzheimer’s disease & Dementia)

Author : Samina Alam, Huma Dilshad, Jamila Khatoon Qasmi, Kainat Sadiq, Hijab Minhas, Naila M Amin, Zainab Sohail, M. Osama Alam

Objective: The main objective of our survey was to aware people about diet drinks which they take for the purpose of decreasing weight which can severely damage brain & lead to Alzheimer’s. Methodology: We took a small survey in which we ask peoples about different questions related to their daily intake of fizzy drinks .We took 100 people in which some of them were male but most of them were females and asked some questions regarding Alzheimer’s disease & the amount of their daily intake of fizzy drinks. Results: Our major task was also to aware people about the Alzheimer’s disease, its symptomatic treatment & risk factors that can cause dementia. We aware them about the amount of artificial sweetener present in the fizzy drinks and the hazardous effect of it towards our brain. We also aware them about the addition of artificial sweeteners [Aspartame] in the diet fizzy drinks that can lead to further diseases like diabetes, liver damage & heart diseases etc. Conclusion: Study reveals that the awareness alone cannot influence the attitude of people, but there must be some strategies or reinforcement are needed to improve the daily diet of peoples.

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