Assessment of knowledge, awareness and reporting of pharmacovigilance among the Nursing professionals

Author : Duarairajan P, Sujitha M and Maheshwari Jaikumar

There is a considerable increase in awareness about the issues related to drug safety among the Nursing professionals, healthcare institutions and the public. Our aim of this present study was to assess the knowledge; awareness and reporting of adverse drug reactions among the Nursing professionals. Methodology: A questionnaire model was prepared, focusing on the awareness, knowledge of various adverse drugs reactions and the algorithm of reporting systems of pharmacovigilance programme of India. A total of 100 Nursing professionals were included in this study. The questionnaire was distributed among the Nursing Faculties working in various specialties. Completed questionnaire were collected and analysed statistically. Data collected was analysed and was reported as percentage of responders and non-responders. Total responders were 61% and 39% were non-responders. This indicates that the knowledge of ADR reporting was not up to the mark which emphasizes need to implement, appropriate strategies to strengthen the awareness of pharmacovigilance practices and the importance of ADR reporting in this hospital.

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