Anxiolytic and CNS depressant effects of ethanolic extract of cleome brachycarpa revealed after neuropharmacological screening

Author : Sana Sarfaraz, Rahila Najam, Iqbal Azhar , Bushra Riaz, Humera Anser

Plant extracts have been used since ancient times for treatment of different diseases. They contain phytochemicals which possess multiple therapeutic effects. The aim of this study was to explore neuropharmacological effects of Cleome brachycarpa. Ethanolic extract of Cleome brachycarpa was diluted in DMSO and administered orally at 300mg/kg according to weight of animals. Various CNS screening tests have been performed on mice after acute dosing. The results showed decreased number of cage crosses, head dip, central square and peripheral square crossing, decreased struggling time in FST and increased time in light box in light and dark test. Thus it is concluded that Cleome brachycarpa possesses anxiolytic and CNS depressant effect after acute dosing.

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