Antimicrobial study of the optimized floating microspheres of cefixime

Author : P.G. Sindhumol, C.R. Sudhakaran Nair

Floating microspheres of cefixime were prepared by ionotropic gelation method. The method was optimized by 32 full factorial experimental designs. Antimicrobial activity of the formulation was evaluated by cup plate method in Muller Hinton Agar (MHA) medium. The microorganisms were inoculated aseptically by pour plate method. The zone of inhibition of the formulation was measured and compared with pure drug and the results were statistically evaluated. The results showed that the drug released from the formulation was effectively inhibiting the growth of microorganisms at concentrations of 125g/ml and 250g/ml. The floating microspheres of cefixime trihydrate show promising results in antimicrobial studies

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