Antimicrobial activity of striped eel cat fish Plotosus lineatus against human pathogens

Author : Shani T. John, Velmurugan S, Senthil nagaraj D, Aslin Lisa

In this study striped eel cat fish were screened especially for their bioactivity, and the tests showed reproducible activity in the assay. Different parts like skin and spine of striped eel cat fishes were extracted with five different solvents. The crude extracts were tested against seven bacterial and five fungal pathogens. Maximum antibacterial inhibition zone was exhibited from n-butanol crude extract of Skin against Klebsiella pneumoniae 22 mm. In antifungal assay the chloroform extracts of skin showed the best activity against Aspergillus fumigatus of 16mm. This research is a baseline study for the development of the novel antimicrobial drug from fish.

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