Anti-ulcer activity on Siddha herbo-mineral formulation of Arputha Mathirai in aspirin induced gastric ulcer in rats

Author : A. Kumari, K. Kanakavalli, R. Menaka, P. Sathiya Rajeswaran

The present study was to analyse the siddha drug arputha mathirai for anti-ulcer activity in aspirin induced in rats. Arputha mathirai was used to treat eri gunmam (peptic ulcer). Arputha mathirai at the dose level 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg were administered orally. Anti-ulcer effects were compared with standard drug omeprazole 20mg/kg b.w.,p.o.). The effect was assessed by parameters like pH, free acidity, total acidity and ulcer index. These observations helped us to conclude that Arputha mathirai 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg is endowed with antiulcer property.

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