Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of methanol extract of Indigofera Trita Linn

Author : Ramamurthy. V and D. Maria Rajeswari

An Inflammation is a major condition associated with various diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the challenging disorders associated with inflammatory conditions. Medicinal plants are the natural sources which have viewed as a fruitful and logic research strategy in the search of new antiinflammatory and analgesic drugs. The Present study was to evaluate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the methanol extract of Indigofera trita (MIT). Anti-inflammatory activity of the extract was evaluated by using carageenan induced Paw edema method. The analgesic activity of the extract was evaluated for its central and peripheral pharmacological actions by using Eddy’s hot plate method and acetic acid induced writhing respectively the study was carried out using two different dose of 200 & 400 mg/kg orally. In this experimental model an inhibition of paw oedema significant from the treatment hour was observed. It is concluded that methanol extract of Indigofera trita have an, as well as acute and chronic anti-inflammatory activity.

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