Anti anxiety activity of Citrus limetta fruit extracts on the elevated Plus maze model in mice

Author : Gagan Shah, Stalinjit Singh, R.K Dhawan

Citrus limetta, also known as, ‘Sweet Lime’ or ‘Mosambi. Traditionally the plant has been used in the treatment of peptic ulcers, respiratory problems, digestion, cancer, jaundice and anxiety. However there have no pharmacological work done on Anxiolytic activity of Citrus Limetta fruit extracts. So, the present study have been designed to study the anxiolytic effects fruits extracts of Petrolium ether, Chloroform, Methanol and water using elevated plus maze model in swiss albino mice by different doses 100,200,400mg/kg. Diazapam 2mg/kg use as standard. Results displayed that methanol extract of fruits 400mg/kg dose Citrus Limetta increased the average time spent in the open arms of the EPM which was compared with the effect of diazepam. Hence this study shows that the plant has potentially antianxiety agent.

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